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Do you have old photos of days gone by on the lake? If so, we'd love to see them! Please submit photographs to our gallery, with a short caption to attention Jane Morrey

These are the winning images from our first annual photo contest in 2023. Lynn Speck's shot of a moose on a wintry road caught our judges attention for the beauty of the snowy branches and stoic animal. This photo makes the viewer feel the quiet and isolation as well as the connection between the moose and the photographer. Lauren Quinton's photograph of herself and son Huntley captures the exuberant joy of being on Nepewassi Lake. The figures in silhouette against the calm water and expansive sky also make this photograph a winner.  Looking at Kathy McCutchen's photograph of a rocky point, perfectly mirrored in the water, makes you almost hear the sound of a paddle in the water. The colour palette of primary blues and greens and the offset red kayak bow, make this a well-balanced photograph.

Camp Life
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