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Fire Safety

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The Estaire Volunteer Fire Service is a fully trained fire service formed under the authority of the Ontario Fire Marshall. They cannot respond to water access properties. There are three portable water pumps located on the lake in the event of a fire emergency. See map below for locations. Each location has a water pump sign visible from the water. 

Helpful links:

Outdoor Fire Rules & Permits

FOCA fire safety resources.

MNR Forest Fire Information

FireSmart Canada

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Boating Safety

Here are some helpful links to information on safe boating in Ontario. 

The Government of Canada Office of Boating Safety website contains information on obtaining a pleasure craft license, the Safe Boating Guide, life jackets, on board safety checklist and the new boating safety app. 


There are many organizations which offer classes and exams for obtaining your boating license. Click here for more general information on the Proof of Competency for Recreational Boating from Transport Canada.

Other links:

Swimming, Water and Boating Safety - Canadian Red Cross

Cold Water Immersion Safety

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